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02 August 2008 @ 06:03 am
It's 6.08am in the morning...  
It's 6.08am in the morning (why are you repeating the subject? XD) Anyway i am still awake..i went to take a nap and ended up taking napS as i kept waking up and going back to sleep after a while as i am just too tired after getting only approximately 2 hrs of sleep per day for the weekdays >_<

so, today was friday and went to school feeling as tired and unaccomplished as usual..

Stayed back at school for ACE project and ended up attained nothing much and felt like i had wasted my time because my groupmates are those who want to try and finish stuffs at school but the information were to hard to search for and we got nothing much in the end T__T

Reach home and my parents had once again bought durians and did not get my dinner so the microwaved the nasi lemak for me instead =DD I am sorta not really fussy with food or anything so i happily gobbled it down ^^

Nothing much special happened today actually so i shall just end here =)..Bye and thanks for reading! (Yeah like anyone reads it) *waves*

I HATE PE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/random
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saxesgalsaxesgal on August 2nd, 2008 02:20 pm (UTC)
Yupyup...she's my good friend in real life XDD You knew her too~!? Cool~~ the many coincidences in life 8)

Yea..the IP programme is tougher then it looks...>_< and i am such a slacker so...anyway i read your post about the eil universities...and to talk about singapore ebing so enthusiastic towards providing everyone with education -.-

Wad school are you in~? ^^

Oh and did you see the photos of the summary goods at the hey_say comm?...they love so beautiful...i want them all yet there are constraints T_T...and jump's once again in shorts...LOL...this time's theme is pretty bright and happy ne...lol i typed so much here XDD